Weyler's Legacy

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Welcome to a new concept of online shopping!


Sharpen up your look with sustainable clothing brought to you conscientiously prepared. 


Weyler's Legacy

strives to be the site for those passionate about wearing a new, elegant and distinguished style. 


 We define ourselves by the attention to detail, outstanding customer service and the chasing of excellence in everything we do.



Weyler's Legacy

is a newfangled project aspiring to make a difference in the way you buy, wear and combine.


If you are looking for a innovative and trustworthy venue where to find high quality products, this is your site. 



Weyler's Legacy

 is environmentally and socially accountable for all the steps along the way; from plantation to customer's wardrobe. 


Aimed at responsible consumers; you are aware that less is better choosing high-end quality rather than quantity.  


Best prices for world class designs.

Be prepared for surprises!

Chasing of excellence

🌍  Less CO2 emissions in your delivery

In order to reduce CO2 emissions per delivery, we do our utmost to optimize cargo & shipments. This also means slightly longer delivery times: anticipate your purchase and no worries! Our team will keep you posted on package tracking to be delivered ASAP (2x)...

As soon as possible, As sustainable as possible.


😍  Product

High-end quality product with environmental and ethical most demanding standards for best prices on the market.


Discover trendy eye-catchers, the essentials, because sometimes you don’t know what you’re looking for until you see it.