Fast fashion has completely changed the face of clothing industry. While new styles at low prices are abundant, this relentless production and consumption is having much higher cost on the environment and on human lives.


Minimize impact on climate and stimulate nearest community development is the primary goal of Weyler's Legacy project.


Things are changing for the better. We're currently in a transition of a new type of fashion industry, based on ecological and holistic principles of closing the loop on materials, that prioritizes values, community and respect to everyone involved in the supply chain.


Most consumers blinded by the allure of cheap prices, are still unaware of today's challenges: the explosive growth of the global fashion industry has fared well for some yet has been violently unjust for most everyone else. Low wages and poor working conditions are rampant, with workers earning less than their national poverty levels as established by United Nations and the World Bank. 

Due to exorbitant water usage, the irresponsible disposal of waste, the exponential growth of manmade, non-biodegradable fibers such as polyester, and filthy carbon emissions from coal powered factories, the planet isn't fairing too well either.

In fact, fashion industry is now one of the most polluting industries in the world, many rank it the 2nd! behind oil.


We can choose for organic and upcycled materials. We can choose for certified and audited factories. We can try to change our behaviour, but ultimately, sustainable fashion is about values. We have to decide what we value. Decide how we spend the money and how we care for the clothes we already have. We really have to take responsibility for our choices.


Weyler's Legacy is on a mission to make fashion meaningful so that you can find that meaning on the product. Once you commit to the story behind it, you start to own the garment you have bought. The more projects start working like this, the more consumers will start to expect more from brands, and there is where we want to go.



Materials are the message  in today's design world. We look at ways to reconsider elements with which we work, all the while staying connected to earth. For a more sustainable production process and make us aware of the polluting  ways we make textiles today.


We seek to use little to no chemicals and water, work as energy-efficient as possible and manufacture locally with organic, recycled, cultured and cultivated materials to remove waste from our vocabulary and give new life to texture, fibre and colour.

Weyler's Heritage


 Valeriano Weyler y Nicolau in 1890


Chasing of excellence,

value of sacrifice and

the satisfaction of the duty fulfilled.


No matter the mission entrusted, General Captain Valeriano Weyler y Nicolau (Palma de Mallorca, 17th of September 1838 - Madrid, 20th of October 1930) always kept his word whatever the obstacles he came across.


These are the principles that generations later brought us to launch Weyler's Legacy. Given the challenges our planet cope with and our passion for fashion, we felt compelled to tackle those challenges within the clothing industry as Weyler would do. 
Our commitment to become as good as we possibly can, not only towards the environment but also towards the people involved in our clothing.
We work to accomplish 100% responsible fashion:
transparent, sustainable, ethical, traceable, organic, climate neutral, with re/upcycled components, zero waste, fair trade, certified, circular ...   
maximizing garment's quality, design and lifespan.
 Basically sustainable fashion is all about the customer, aware of what you worth and that you deserve better.
Many were the awards and decorations the General Captain achieved; Weyler's Legacy only aspire to become an elegant and styleful  venue for responsible shopping. Enjoy it!